About MaryJanesGirl 
( various, random, possibly insightful tidbits, possibly. . . )


* I’m an artist of sorts ( write, paint, create ) residing on the western coast of North America by the sea. . . Seattle

* Currently I’m focusing on writing and  positively affecting and healing this world we share through my thoughts, actions and connections ... 4 years now i've been a mama bear, 12 years ago I was a tree hugging hemp activist  type…16 years ago I was a painter, 18 years ago I was part of the corporate world, 21 years ago I was psychology major ,24 years ago I was a philanthropist, 26 years ago I was a DJ, 28 years ago I was an athlete, 43 years ago I was a concept.

* My interest in my own & other peoples cultures, thoughts, habits led me to major( BA) (MA) in Psychology ( personality emphasis) and minor in Cultural Anthropology.  My interest in health & fitness has led me to enroll in  a few certificate programs, with the personal fitness trainer and nutritional therapist being the most influential  on my style of living.  I occasionally attend workshops & classes on various topics be it the art of glass blowing, herbology, theosophy, astrology, cooking gmo free or the history of jazz music. 

* I love learning and have always been fond of academic setting. I used to love to have my coffee,highlighter and over-sized book at a local coffee house studying. While I feel this way about academia I also feel that only learning life through books and others stories isn’t a full life to me..and I believe one should also have some real life experiences, street knowledge if you will, to truly understand the array of other people and personalities there are…also to truly know yourself. It’s so easy to judge when you shelter yourself.

* I consider myself a humanitarian.

* I am a volunteer of and with my community and help people less/more fortunate than myself in whatever way we may differ as I hope someone would help me if I needed it. I also believe in volunteering for social causes and civil rights such as awareness campaigns about clean water, homelessness, politics, GLBT, the arts, industrial hemp, recycling, literacy...and the like.

* For as long as I can remember I have been intrigued with how people think, react, and create their lives. This intrigue has ultimately led me here, but only after a succession of other occurrences…and that is what I am going to attempt to fill you in on. My in-between, what led me to here and then where here leads to. I wonder if that sounds confusing or you get what I am saying…

I wish to urge and cause people to think, wonder, &  speculate about things that I do. I want to think, wonder, and speculate on things that people think about that I  haven't thought about yet.

I am wanting to inspire and learn.

I live like jazz. Old school swing Jazz