Somehow you found this site, whether through a random search or a deliberate one, I am pleased that you are here and ideally actually reading this ;-)

MaryJanesGirl.com was founded to help others become more informed about their environment, help inspire others to be active & create change in the community in a positive manner, and encourage others to become involved in the movements that impact their lives. For me, this is currently focusing on Rediscovering Hemp for our environment, functional fitness & nutritional balance for our bodies and being, creating art & writing prose to connect with others.

I advocate about re-legalizing hemp, sustainable living, civil rights, street art and a holistic approach to nutrition & exercise.....if you have a desire to know more about any of these topics rummage through the site and/or contact me via mjg ( at) maryjanesgirl (.com)

I am no expert but I am an avid researcher & student, and a good teacher, practitioner.

I truly believe that if you live the life you love then you'll love the life you live.

Kindest regards,